Maximillian Kirchoff


I am a multidisciplinary technologist and creative. My expertise crosses many fields and domains as does my approach to understanding and critical thinking. I am deeply interested in emotional intelligence and our relationship to technology — and how it influences our ethics & the future of the human experience.

I live in Austin, TX with my wife, our daughter, and our dog.

I am also red-green colorblind.


I occasionally have the chance to capture my thoughts in writing, to share with others and promote deeper discussion within my communities. Below are some recent thoughts related to my work and expertise.

Product Management & Technical Debt

Technical debt is often a topic that can lead to debate and miscommunication as it’s generally misunderstood in many industries, especially in tech and the *tech subdivisions (fintech, insurtech, etc). Within computer science, there is plenty of writing on the topic of technical debt: how to classify it, how to measure it, how to avoid it, and how to pay it down. However, I want to present it as a concept for the whole business to consider.

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Quick tips for a consulting business on early stage marketing

I occasionally get emails from folks who have found me or LAMA SIX who really just need some good advice. I’ll write them a quick email and try to save them time and money with actionable answers and ideas. This is one of those emails that I wanted to share, along with my responses for anyone who might be asking the same questions about their business right now.

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I launched a, now defunct, podcast with my creative partner, Isla Murray, called People Not Things as part of our search to find others who wanted to look at the people and relationships behind everything. You can find our podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or at


I would love to speak at your event. I have spoken on, written about and prepared content on emotional intelligence for creative leaders, philosophy & technology, human-centered design, empathy, collaboration and other topics that are great for product groups, entrepreneurs and students. Please contact me for details at



I am currently the VP of Technology CertifID. We're building the next generation of fraud prevention software for transactions.